June 2023
June 2023

Friday, 30 June 2023  09:00 AM

Friday, 30 June 2023  10:00 AM

Friday, 30 June 2023  11:00 AM

Friday, 30 June 2023  12:00 PM

Friday, 30 June 2023  01:00 PM

Friday, 30 June 2023  02:00 PM

Friday, 30 June 2023  03:00 PM

Friday, 30 June 2023  04:00 PM

Friday, 30 June 2023  05:00 PM

Friday, 30 June 2023  06:00 PM

Friday, 30 June 2023  07:00 PM

Friday, 30 June 2023  08:00 PM

Friday, 30 June 2023  09:00 PM

Additional Cost Activities

Even with the segmented sessions, you can extend your day because we will also have a section of Kids rides & Games accessible all day at an additional cost. Warm up after your session at The Lodge Bar & Cafe which will be open.

Event is trading from Friday 30th June until Sunday 16th July

Session times:

Mon, Tue & Thurs  9am - last session commence at 5pm

Wed - 9am - last session commence at 8pm.

Fri & Sun 9am - last session commence at 9pm

Sun 10am - last session commence at 6pm

The lodge Bar & Cafe Trading hours

Mon, Tues, Thurs  9am - 6pm

Wed 9am - 9pm

Fri, Sat 9am - 10pm

Sun 10am - 7pm

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Don’t worry if you don’t own your own pair of ice skates. Your Ice Rink ticket includes ice hockey rental skates. Please keep in mind that rental skates may not be as comfortable as your own skates.

Be sure to bring an extra pair of socks with you to the ice rink. The extra pair of socks should be a bit thicker than your normal socks as they will give you more hold and padding inside your ice skates. A pair of knee high ski socks would be perfect.